Judging Criteria

Your team invests a lot of personal time, thought, and energy into creating an award-winning audition that showcases your innovative solution. We’ve carefully selected the Reality Redesigned judges from a variety of disciplines such as scientists, experts in communication, current and former educators, and manufacturing leaders.

In round one, our judges will score and rank your audition based on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity (ingenuity and innovative thinking) (25%);
  2. Scientific knowledge (15%);
  3. Persuasiveness and effective communication (20%)
  4. Level of effort put into the audition (15%); and
  5. Overall presentation (15%).

The public’s vote, plus your bonus points, will influence the final ten percent (10%) of your score. Get your family and friends on board and get them to swing the vote in your favour!

The three highest scoring teams will be deemed finalists and will face-off in the 84 hour challenge, held at our host college, where they will take on a real-life challenge.

Each member of the winning team, in the 84 hour challenge, will receive one, one thousand dollar scholarship for Randolph Community College. Each member of the team in second place, will receive one, five-hundred dollar scholarship. Each team member of the third place team will receive one, two-hundred-fifty dollar scholarship.



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